Mission Statement

To empower others through love and sovereignty and embody the spiritual evolution of Divine Oneness within Self.

Intuitive Multimodal Healer, Empath, Sound Bath Practitioner,
Mystic, Multimedia Artist, Writer, Astrologer

From a young age I was shown the importance of Spiritual Development, Spiritual Hygiene , & Spiritual connections with Self and God. I was taught God can come in many forms and was encouraged to strengthen that connection. 
I showed early signs of clairvoyance, clairaudience, & clairsentience and with those multiple channels It wasn’t until later years at the age of 17 where I began to receive proper guidance and support for these Gifts. I had the privilege to studied under Martí Deleon who has been truly an Earth Angel and important figure in my Spiritual development and Character Development. 

I was taught the importance of following and strengthening your intuition, cultivating a loving healthy prosperous relationship you have with self,  the importance of Now, sovereignty, energy clearing, and Oneness. Since then I’ve been studying Astrology and sound healing for the past 3 years.
I am committed to the evolution of self and the path I walk with God and encourage the same for those I Advise.